Google Wants 'Better Compatibility' For Android, Alibaba Says 'Aliyun Is Separate,' Acer Takes The Brunt Of It

On Friday, we starting listening to statements that Google had strong-armed Acer out of releasing its A800 CloudMobile in China suppliers with the Aliyun os. We achieved out to the search massive for its reaction, but they dropped to thoughts. Over the last 24 hours, though, Search engines has attempt to describe its position, but at the same time has possibly created some misunderstandings about how start Android os really is. Below is the initial declaration obtained by Marketing Land:

    "Compatibility is at the heart of the Android os environment and guarantees a regular encounter for designers, producers and customers. Non-compatible variations of Android os, like Aliyun, damage the environment. All associates of the Open Device Partnership have dedicated to building one Android os foundation and to not deliver non-compatible Android os gadgets. This does not however, keep OHA associates from doing competitive environments."

This is clearly describing Google objective to avoid forked Android os spin-offs from watering down the foundation and the buyer. Reasonable enough. The trouble seems to be, however, interpreting when something is Android os suitable, rather than its own individual (albeit Android-based) os. Amazon's Amazon kindle Flame will immediately are involved. The new pills run on Ice Lotion Food, but are fenced-off from the formal Play store and other Search engines promotions.

According to Alibaba -- the organization behind the annoying os -- this is a similar situation with Aliyun, at the same time a change from previously reviews, who addressed the interface charge as follows:

    "Aliyun OS is not part of the Android os environment so of course Aliyun OS is not and does not have to be suitable with Android os. It is interesting that a organization that speaks easily about awareness is espousing a shut environment."

So, what about that Google? Well, it seems that the main complication is the Open Handset Alliance, a sort of club that agrees to help maintain the integrity of Android for the benefit of users, handset makers and developers alike. Membership to this club doesn't prevent you from working with other operating systems (Windows Phone, for example,) but does ask that you commit to the "one Android platform" mentioned above. So, Alibaba says it's not Android, Google claims it is. Which, some might argue, has justifiably led the Chinese software firm's VP of international corporate affairs, John Spelich, to ask "Will someone please ask Google to define Android." We're also left to wonder why Haier (also a member of the OHA) isn't receiving the same pressure, though it's also worth remembering Amazon isn't in the alliance. This leaves Acer, and potentially other members of the OHA, stuck in the middle, as well as raising further questions about Google's plans for China (where Alibaba is very powerful), and Android as a whole. Unfortunately, back in the immediate, it looks like Acer will have to rethink its strategy for the CloudMobile A800, in one of the world's largest markets. Though if we see a Jelly Bean version popping up soon, don't color us surprised.

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