Google Kills Off Prepaid Cards For Google Wallet

Summary: Google will discontinue its prepaid cards for Google Wallet, cutting early adopters outside of the US off from their only means of adding funds to the app. 

Google  will quit supporting pre-paid bank credit rating cards for Google  Wallet, with the web giant phasing them out over the next few months.

The organization recently changed how its mobile app stores transaction credit rating cards, effectively moving transaction cards information from the device to its cloud, and allowing customers to use almost any charge or bank cards. Previously, the Wallet app only reinforced Citi's MasterCard and Google's own pre-paid bank credit rating cards.

These changes have led Google  to begin phasing out pre-paid bank credit rating cards, as they are no longer necessary. The organization sent its customers an email today with the deadlines for when it will quit accepting the money score cards.

On September 17, 2012, Google  will eliminate the ability for customers to add pre-paid bank credit rating cards to the Wallet app. This will also mean that any existing pre-paid bank credit rating cards that are removed from app after this time frame can't be added again.

Users will have until October 17, 2012, to spend their staying stability. After this time frame, credit rating cards will disappear from the app completely, rendering any staying stability unusable.

The discontinuation of the money score cards will likely not affect most US residents. However, in other countries, the Google  Wallet app and US credit rating cards are not officially reinforced, which may have repercussions for early adopters. In many cases, these customers have been using pre-paid bank credit rating cards and modified versions of the Wallet app to get around the lack of support for local credit rating and an atm cards, but the elimination of pre-paid bank credit rating cards will eliminate the sole method they have of adding funds to the Wallet app.

Despite the app being out for almost a year now, Google  still has no timing on when it will be made available outside of the US.

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