Facebook Gets Involved With Cloud Storage Via Dropbox Integration

Summary: Now even Facebook is jumping into the cloud storage game thanks to Dropbox, and it could present an interesting challenge in the enterprise space.

The personal cloud storage market is getting more crowded by the week, and even Facebook is getting in on the action...sort of.

Facebook is teaming up with Dropbox on a new integration that allows Facebook users to share content stored in their Dropbox accounts directly with contacts in Facebook Groups.

Users of both platforms can share documents, photos and videos, which will be displayed on the group's wall. Like any other Facebook post, users can comment and like the files shared. Furthermore, users will be able to see and access these posts on either the desktop or mobile versions of Facebook.

All of that is quite uncomplicated. It's generally another example of Facebook integrating with a significant and currently popular hub for online press along the collections of the Start Information foundation.

But the coupling of the public components of Facebook and the reasoning storage space abilities of Dropbox seems very similar to a routine that has appeared lately.

In one way or another, companies with one durability or the other have either joined up (or usually just acquired) less sized company to bring these two significant styles together.

Look at Ms (owner of SkyDrive) and Yammer, Oracle and Combined Intelligence, and Sales force.com (which just revealed its own socially-enhanced reasoning storage space choice, Chatterbox) with Friend Media and Radian6. You can also  toss Search engines into the mix thanks to its wide web of products that can be incorporated in-house, such as Search engines Generate and Search engines Plus.

Dropbox does have its own business-focused costs program, but it doesn't really offer much with regards to a public factor. Facebook really paves the way to a lot of prospective in this respect.

This isn't to say that Facebook is even enthusiastic about getting engaged with the reasoning storage space company at all -- for either clients or business clients. But who knows? Perhaps Dropbox could be the next big Facebook purchase, à la Instagram.

Screenshot via Dropbox
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