Details Of Upcoming Core i7 Extreme Processors

After last week's release of new plug 1155 micro-processors, there is only only pc Apple CPU remaining to release this year. Primary i7-3970X, which is a a little bit quicker edition of i7-3960X, will be available later this one fourth. In previous times we revealed on functions of this CPU, and, once again, they were verified by glides, published by Bright Side of News of Information. According to the glides, the new Apple excessive processer has 6 CPUs cores, and 15 MB L3 storage cache distributed between the cores. The cores run at 3.5 GHz, while Turbocompresseur Increase technological innovation can increase the regularity as high as 4 GHz when required. Another reinforced technological innovation is Hyper-Threading, which enhances the variety of discussions, implemented by each core. This Primary i7 Extreme SKU will have revealed time multiplier, and perform in plug 2011 motherboards.

Core i7-3970X will be depending on a difference of Exotic Link core, known as Exotic Bridge-E. The next creation of Primary i7 Extreme processer chips, arriving in the third one fourth 2013, will be depending on Ivy Bridge-E core. Designed on 22nm technological innovation, these CPUs will come with a variety of improvements, such as assistance for PCI Show 3.0 and DDR3-1866 storage. Other functions of Ivy Bridge-E products will consist of Hyper-Threading and Turbocompresseur Increase 2.0 technology, revealed multiplier, and quad-channel storage operator. Like present creation of excessive processer chips, Ivy Bridge-E areas will fit into 130 W heat package, and perform in plug 2011 forums, built on Apple X79 Show chipset. Shiny Part of Information reviews that there will be several designs launched in Sept or Oct 2013. The new SKUs are said to be Primary i7-4930, i7-4960, i7-4970, and possibly i7-4990. Requirements of these processer chips are not known at this time.

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