Mutually Assured Destruction: Google/Motorola vs. Apple

Summary: Welcome to the next logical step in the world of patent warfare: mutually assured destruction.
Apple organization has been asking for it, and now they're getting it.

Cupertino has been doing its best to sue Samsung's Android operating system pills and mobile mobile phones out of the industry rather than contest with them. Now, New Samsung -- under Google management -- is coming back the benefit. New Samsung Flexibility is asking the U.S. Worldwide Business Commission payment (ITC) to ban the transfer of iPhones, iPads, and Apples.

Welcome to the next sensible phase on the globe of certain warfare: mutually confident devastation (MAD).

For those of you who didn't develop during the Freezing War between the Western and the Communist Nation, here's how MAD proved helpful.

In MAD-driven international plan, the U.S. and the Communist Nation never let factors get too unpleasant between the superpowers because if one of them went too far, the other could explosive device the other into the Rock Age and vice-versa. So, yes, there were all types of conflicts from the '50s through the '80s -- Afghanistan, Angola, The philipines, and Vietnam -- but the excellent abilities never released nukes at each other.

MAD was flu, difficult policy; but it proved helpful.

Apple made the decision to go after Android operating system, by means of major Android operating system smart phone source New Samsung, in what Bob Tasks known as "thermonuclear war." Tasks may have been an excellent head and a amazing thinker, but he was no Mom Kissinger when it came to company relationships and legal cases. 

Samsung quickly came back Jobs' nukes - asking for Samsung's mobile mobile phones and pills to be prohibited - by tossing their own atomic warheads coming back at Apple organization. New Samsung required that Apple's iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 should be prohibited from revenue for certain offenses. It was then only a issue of your energy and energy before Samsung's primary best friend, Search engines, would get into the battle.

As I expected once Search engines was with the New Samsung certain profile, it would go after Android's court action satisfied opponents. Besides, Search engines us president Ray Web page himself had said: "Our getting New Samsung will improve competitors by building up Google certain profile, which will allow us to better secure Android operating system from anti-competitive risks from Ms, Apple organization and other organizations."

That day came. First, Google/Motorola hit Apple organization with a certain court action that may yet end up prohibiting the purchase of iPhones in the US. Apple organization may, however, be able to avoid this topic if the ITC guidelines that these patents were certified under "fair and reasonable" (FRAND) conditions.

This new court action though doesn't have the FRAND results protection. If Search engines gets its way with the ITC, there might not be any Phones, iPads, and Apples on shop racks sometime soon. Apple organization never should have gotten into this all-out certain war with both Google/Motorola and New Samsung.

Even coming back in 2005, I said just how ridiculous it would be for organizations to get engaged in a certain MAD war.

Jobs was adament on creating it a winner-take-all grudge go with and, for some purpose, Apple's present us president Tim Prepare has remained the course.

Sure, Apple organization has just become the most effective organization ever, but how lengthy will they remain that way if Apple organization drops big at any of these certain legal cases or ITC hearings? Keep in mind, this isn't really about Apple organization shelling out megabucks to its rivals; it's about having the iPhone, iPad, and Mac being prohibited from purchase.

How much will Apple organization be value if it can't offer the iPhone 5 in the US in September? How much will Apple organization be value if Apple organization can't offer its items in the 2012 vacation season?

If Apple organization wants to take a opportunity on going from being the greatest organization of all-time to being the all-time example of how a organization can eliminate itself with risky legal cases. Prepare and New Samsung us president Kwon Oh Hyun should come to an mutually valuable contract as soon as possible instead of ongoing to perform at company thermonuclear war.

To quotation from the 1983 film, WarGames, there's only one way to "win" at thermonuclear war: "The only successful shift is not to perform."

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