Logitech Creates Washable Keyboard For Dirty Typists

Summary: After you get crumbs all over it, you can dunk the Washable Keyboard K310 in up to 11 inches of water.

Nothing's more frustrating than getting particles on your key pad, especially if the build-up of food gets so bad it provides a key inoperable. For those of us unpleasant typists, Logitech has developed a key pad that can basically fresh away all of the trash.

As its name indicates, the Cleanable Keyboard K310 can be placed under a touch or dunked in up to 11 inches wide of water and appear fresh and still completely functional. How does it do it? Moreover to a variety of waterflow and drainage gaps at the returning of the laptop key pad, Logitech has laser-printed and UV-coated important factors so they don't reduce.

The K310 is otherwise a conventional pc key pad, such as 12 hot important factors, a variety pad, and plug-and-play installation via its USB connnection. (The USB wire is not washable, however.) Logitech statements the important factors can manage up to 5 thousand key strokes.

You can get your dirty arms on the Logitech K310 this 30 days in the U.S. for $39.99, though the item web page on the organization web page seems to be having specialized issues presently. Logitech says the washable key pad will be available in European countries in Oct. Do you need one?

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