Apple Orders Site To Stop Selling iPhone 5 Mod Kits

If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S and want to get in on the iPhone 5 activity before it gets formally declared, then a web page known as has what you want for you. The web page has developed sets that allow an iPhone 4/ 4S individual to experience like they are using the iPhone 5. However, now of happiness to flourish upon your iPhone will modify within the next 48 time as Apple organization has released the web page a mail revealing them to take it down as it intrudes on Apple’s images.

The web page has released a declaration that flows, “We are sorry to declare that we have obtained a caution mail from some organization who so-called approved by Apple organization asking us to take down the iPhone 5 Mod. To avoid further problems we will quit promoting the iPhone 5 Mod within next 48 hrs. Clients who have already requested, we will still deliver out the transaction on some time to will only charge / catch your transaction upon deliver out. Customers who want to purchase, please purchase within the next 48 time, we will procedure the transaction accordingly.”
The mail is not straight from Apple organization, but from a organization which statements to be approved by Apple organization. The organization has sent the web page a quit and desist mail and has detailed out several factors purchasing to eliminate its material. In a relevant publish by CNET, the web page declares, “No term from Apple organization yet on whether the mail is real. Organizations often deliver quit and desist characters to other businesses that are purportedly infringing on their copyrights as a caution -- a preamble to an real court activity. Depending on the websites images, this indicates the mod kit activities the Apple company brand name and the phrase "iPhone" on the situation.”

The web page has also offered information as to what this kit is about and it has mentioned that this iPhone 5 transformation mod kit transforms a person's iPhone 4 / 4S to look just like the iPhone 5 (assuming that the iPhone 5 leaking are real). The web page declares, “When we first saw the published iPhone 5 picture from various technical websites, we were all nervous to try out! We believed that the most convenient and quickest way out is to turn our iPhone 4 / 4S to look just like iPhone 5. We collected everything we could and lastly be successful. We are now so satisfied to demonstrate everyone that we have an 'iPhone 5' on side. If you can't delay for the iPhone 5 and want to try how it seems like having one on your side, you can get one from us now.”
If you are interested in getting an iPhone 5-like look for your iPhone 4 or 4S, then here are some of the highlighted features of this kit:
  • Features the same design leak of iPhone 5.
  • All details are made to the finest.
  • Uses parts of same quality as Foxconn suppliers.
  • Designed For iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S.
  • Uses Original Camera Glass Lens of same Quality as Original iPhone Back Panel.
  • Internal Metal Frame part for better Durability.
  • Heat Sink Sticker for better Heat Dissipation.
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