Samsung Galaxy SIII & SII Are Now Coming With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

While it’s no great shock the new New Samsung Universe SIII will obtain an update to Google’s newest Operating system cellular OS, gossips indicate there's a bit of information for those still using the past creation Universe SII as well. According to, the Southern region Japanese cellphone manufacturer will declare the update for both Universe mobile phones as beginning as Aug or Sept.

Apparently preliminary examining on the SII system has been a achievements and there is a powerful opportunity New Samsung will launch the Operating system 4.1 update, as long as it goes examining. The New Samsung cellular website indicates the Universe Observe and Universe Tab 7.7 will also get Jam Vegetable. New Samsung has not formally stated on any gadgets however, so like all gossips it should be taken with a touch of sodium until they validate their Operating system 4.1 map.

Google’s newest edition of Operating system is an small launch, developing on the fundamentals set by ICS, and concentrating further on offering a more liquid UI encounter, like Venture Butter, a selection of modifications and tune-ups which are stated to make the OS more fulfilling to use than on past Operating system editions.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while Search engines might launch the new OS to providers soon, clients will still be subject to wifi providers who will analyze it thoroughly before launching it to their clients.

Those considering their revealed, carrier-free Universe S3 will get the update before network-locked editions will be in for a shock as well. After the problems due to the revealed SGSII gadgets getting the ICS update last, New Samsung has made it very obvious they “want everyone to have the same encounter, whether or not it’s open-market, system, to us they're exactly the same.”
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