Facebook Messenger For Windows XP & Vista Released

 Even if you're still using the several years old Windows XP, (or compelled to, for whatever reason) Facebook or myspace doesn't mind, because it has lately offered an upgrade to Facebook or myspace Courier for Windows to back up both XP and Windows vista. Formerly, the app which was launched back in April only reinforced Windows seven.

When you are signed into the Courier, you can talk with your Facebook or myspace buddies without having to go to the Facebook or myspace web page itself. It also allows customers to see your newest Facebook or myspace stalker companion needs, be informed if there is any companion action such as a statement or a new companion acceptance or if they have been marked in images. Otherwise, the app is a fairly simple bone romance with regards to features. There's no assistance for speech or video talk, which is a bit odd since Facebook or myspace has a collaboration with Skype.

We can't find any launch notices for this particular upgrade, other than understanding it now works on mature variations of Windows, facilitates team conversations, and appear off-line to a certain individual. But to be sincere, if you're still operating Windows XP at home, you probably don't care for them anyway.
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