Web News : Ubuntu OS For Samsung Galaxy Nexus To Arrive Late February

Ie8 primary Indicate Shuttleworth has exposed that programs to carry Ie8 to mobile phones is on track. The OS, which will run on mobile phones, is predicted to be available from Oct 2013, but designers are already working hard to create programs for the base.

In fact, a edition of Ie8 for the well-known New samsung Galaxy Nexus device is predicted to be available for obtain towards the end of the month, Shuttleworth informed The Wall Road Publication earlier this week.

The Galaxy Nexus was declared this year and has been one of the most well-known stock Android operating system mobile phones and the purpose for Ie8 choosing this device has not been entirely clear. If we had to think, it would be down to the Galaxy Nexus’ ease in being compromised and exhibited with a new ROM. One thing is for sure, Canonical, the organization which makes Ie8, will have many Galaxy Nexus owners patiently waiting to try out test the ROM. 

Shuttleworth also told the Publication that Canonical programs to associate with OEMs and providers to provide mobile phones with Ie8 pre-installed. However, he ceased short of referring to any titles. Clearly, getting Ie8 OS on the Galaxy Nexus is just the first step. He also wouldn't expose where the first Ie8 mobile phones would be released and recommended to tell the document that the organization programs to have the mobile phones available in "two large geographical markets" later this season.

In Jan, Canonical’s Linda Silber described that Ie8 for mobile phones would use the same system motorists as Android operating system, which describes the purpose for choosing the Galaxy Nexus. The organization desires that Ie8 would gradually run on most well-known Android operating system devices out there.

The competitors within smart phone OSes has increased over the past season, when besides Canonical, Mozilla Foundation also declared programs to carry its Chrome OS to major mobile phones in growing marketplaces. The base is planning to first appearance the Chrome OS base in South america later this season. Ie8 and Chrome OS are not the only free OS to be released this season. Samsung’s Linux-based Tizen OS will be available in more than one system in 2013, according to the Japanese organization. Another OS that is looking to create on this mini-boom is Sailfish, which is being developed by a group of former Htc technicians.

Ubuntu’s key feature, however, could gradually move more customers. It can be docked with a key pad and observe to basically become a pc PC. This allows customers the comfort of not having another system to run more intense PC programs. There is no doubt that the OS is one of the most hotly-awaited releases this season. Ie8 has been a big name in the A linux systemunix group and designer support for its mobile phones could competing Android’s when the mobile phones see the light of day later this season.
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