WUW (Wear Your World) Or Newest Six Sense Gadget

As the promise of technical world that we would innovate many high-tech gadget. Can you believe they have done it. The newest six sense gadget is one of the best finding in this way. This gadget also known as WUW (Wear Your World) or six sense. Six sense innovation of MIT researcher. Six sense means to predict some more special features that are not showing at that time.

The Si
x Sense also works in this way. Like if you bring something in front of six sense then it will tell you many additional information about. If you bring your plain ticket in front of Six Sense, it will give you additional information like delay time of the plain etc.

Six Sense you works to make your purchasing easy. Like if you pick any products and take it in front of wuw then it will give you product’s important information like price etc. You are curious to buy future technology, the six sense device was paved together from common parts costing just $300.Exepriecne the power of future technology that are very natural and lightweight.
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