Don't Kill My Windows XP!

Summary: As Windows 8's official arrival date nears, it may be time to remember that many of us are still happily using Windows XP and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

 Oct Twenty fifth is the formal launch time frame for Ms windows 8, but I, for one, have no objective of "upgrading" to Ms windows 8 from Ms windows seven or XP. Indeed, I still think XP SP3 is one of the best variations of Ms windows ever, so why exactly should I switch?

Yeah, so XP SP3 is five decades of age. So what? Does it still work? Yes. Does it still run all my Ms windows applications? Yes. So, tell me again, exactly why I should upgrade?

Oh sure, Ms windows seven SP1 has some excellent factors. It's a bit quicker, it's a bit more protected, it has some awesome system functions such as Collections and DirectAccess,  and it has Online Traveler (IE) 9, which is better than IE 8. Of course, Firefox 21 is better than any edition of IE and it operates just excellent on Ms windows seven and XP.

The main point here is that while I choose desktop pc Linux program, especially Great, on my Ms windows PCs I'm still using XP on many of them. Why? Because it just performs.

I've always been a big believer in using what performs. One of my pet words is "If it's not split, then why fix it?" When it comes to Ms windows, it seems I'm not the only one who recognizes it that way. Ms windows seven, after three decades, has only in the last 30 days approved Ms windows XP in reputation.

One of the factors why I'm so aggressive to Ms windows 8 is that it smashes all the old methods of doing factors in Ms windows and provides no actual upgrades over Ms windows seven or XP. Real, Ms windows 8 will have anti-virus Defender/Security Requirements built-in, but any company IT individual value his or her sodium already has those managing. In reality there's no purpose what-so-ever to "upgrade" an mature pc to Ms windows 8.

Be that as it may, XP has lately been getting a bad rap for protection. In contrast to some reviews, effectively managed and modified XP is as protected as any edition of Ms windows. Besides, if protection is your variety one issue for your desktop pc os, you should be managing Linux program, not Ms windows.

Eventually -- Apr 8, 2014, to be actual -- Ms says it will no more assistance XP. But, Ms has prolonged XP's lifetime several periods before. XP was expected to have been taken off life-support decades ago. Then, because Windows vista was such a fail, XP House was cut returning from the deceased.

Oddly enough, it seems Ms will still let you "downgrade" and buy Ms windows XP after Apr 8, 2014. That's another purpose I anticipate XP's assistance to be prolonged still further into the long run. I can't see Windows company clients placing up with spending cash money for a program that Ms then won't assistance.

Heck, if the Ms windows 8 launch changes out to be as big a problems as I think it will be, who knows? Maybe XP will yet see its end of assistance lifestyle prolonged for a few more decades. I, for one, would be satisfied to keep managing XP for another few decades. In brief, don't destroy my Ms windows XP!
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