Lenovo Exec. Praises Microsoft Surface Tablet

Summary: Acer can throw its arms up in protest as much as it wants, Lenovo said not only was it was 'fine' with Microsoft's venture into the tablet space, but that its EMEA chief actively praised the company for shaking up the market.

Lenovo's European countries, Center Eastern and African-american (EMEA) department go Gianfrano Lanci said on Thrusday that Microsoft windows approaching Microsoft windows 8-powered Area item will be a excellent addition to a aggressive industry.

Lanci accepted the item at the IFA technology show in Germany on Friday, despite critique from other Ms associates, especially Acer.

Following the latest introduction of Microsoft windows Area item, the organization lately recognized that the new selection will be in immediate competitors with it's OEM associates. Ms mentioned in its yearly 10-K review registered with the U.S. Investments and Return Commission:

    Our Area gadgets will contest with products made by our OEM associates, which may impact their dedication to our foundation.

However, the lately hired go of Lenovo's EMEA department does not appear to believe the affiliate marketing will change the firms' connection in a significant way. Lanci said:

    For sure it's not going to change the collaboration. I think it's very pleasant if other people, such as Ms, come with Microsoft windows 8 pills. I think it's also evidence that they really believe that with Microsoft windows 8 they can become a serious player in the item field. And to have Ms doing that, I think it's a excellent marketing for us and other OEMs. [The organization is] not adverse at all about this move.
It has not been Microsoft windows regular style to contest with OEM associates, as the organization depends on a excellent connection in order to acknowledge the release of new operating-system as they are designed. This could be seen a means to possibly bone fracture the ties between Ms and its OEM associates, but Ms us president Bob Ballmer has overlooked the likelihood.

At Microsoft windows Globally Associate Meeting which took place last month, he protected Microsoft windows decision, saying:

    "[W]e have been very excellent about assisting our OEMs. Very excellent. There is nothing that we can develop that our OEMs can't develop with their own energy, advancement and the like."

Lenovo formerly said it was fine with the Area, despite Acer's whimpers. ZDNet editor-in-chief Ray Dignan said at the time the item industry needed interfering with, contacting Acer's position "laughable."
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