Still No New News About IE10 For Windows 7 Yet

Returning in May we attempt to find out when Online Traveler would make an overall look on Ms windows seven, but Ms stayed tight-lipped and would offer no sign of when this would happen.

Two months on, and we're still no nearer to figuring out.

What we do know is that Ms is dedicated to providing IE10 to Ms windows seven as well, but has not offered any up-dates to this investment for some time. The last "Platform Preview" that could be used in Ms windows seven was launched long ago in May 2011, since then the third and 4th previews have only been available only for Ms windows 8.

On Wed Ms launched an upgrade to IE (version 9.0.9) via Ms windows Update and blogged about it; nothing in the publish mentioned IE10 and if the same problems also impacted it in the Launch Review or RTM, the latter being created available to MSDN and TechNet customers on the same day.

People who requested when IE10 would be created available for Ms windows seven in content went un answered.

Microsoft also lately published up a new KB article on the option IE10 which states:

    Observe Online Traveler 10 is involved in Ms windows 8. It is not available for Ms windows seven or previously versions

As outlined here in our boards and here, IE10 will gradually be created available for Ms windows seven, we just don't know when!

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