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You can never have too many alternatives when it comes to tracking your components. Like most programs, no single program outdoes the relax, as there are always benefits and drawbacks to each choice. Some observe essentially everything, but eat many sources in the procedure. Others concentrate on efficiency, but may forget a few functions in the procedure. XDA Community Participant whitetree.lab has designed Bonny Box to try and fulfill both types of requirements.

The app screens your Operating system gadgets, and it does so with a very fresh individual interface. It also provides a variety of principles for various components research such as CPU heat variety (if the phone can handle that), power supply, RAM utilization, and storage space space. The full record of functions includes:

    1. Memory/Task Management :
    - Tap on the Dash panel, get into the procedure control individual interface. You can stop operating projects here.
    - Long media at Dash panel to personalize your dashboard perspective. Pick a style of dashboard that you prefer!
    2. Battery status :
    - Battery life
    - Battery voltage
    - Battery temperature
    3. CPU monitoring :
    - CPU benchmark
    - CPU load
    - present regularity of CPU
    - CPU temperature(If your system has a CPU heat variety sensor).
    4. Application management :
    - List all the set up applications
    - Immediate remove program that you no longer want.
    5. Pc gadget reinforced, you can select to observe CPU/Memory/Battery/SD card :
    - 1×1 & 2×2 widget
    - delivered with 8 different designs that definitely has one to your taste!
    6. Notification :
    - Monitoring your CPU/Memory/Battery/SD card at alert bar

So far, individual reaction seems very good, and no one has revealed any problems. To set up, simply side fill the apk computer file using your preferred computer file administrator.
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