Auto Data App Turns Off Data With Screen To Save Battery

The never ending fight to acquire better power supply has taken customers down some unique roads—everything from custom schedulers and underclocking / undervolting the CPU, down to decreasing the display lighting and using task professionals. One popular way to get better power supply is to convert off Cellular Information. It does work, but it also results in customers with the problem of having no data unless they are around a WiFi connection.

XDA Mature Member windfall has developed an program to give the best of both planets. The program is called Vehicle Information, and its purpose is to help ease power supply strain from using Cellular Information without having to personally switch it on and off. That can be frustrating, and failing to remember to convert it back on can mean no up-dates.

Auto Data’s assumption is quite simple. When the display turns off, the program toggles Cellular Information on and off every 5 moments. This means having it off for Half an hour and on for Half an hour every hour, without feedback from the user. It could be enough time off to perhaps save power supply, but not off so long that applications cannot acquire up-dates. Even though the latest devices have much bigger battery power and better power supply management, this app could be essential for customers who have older phones with bad power supply.
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